What is Send It LLC?

• Send It LLC is primarily an online gifting service for Special Needs Adults (SNA).

• Send IT LLC provides and exclusive Facebook group for our SNA subscribers.

  • Send It LLC provides marketing for clients Amazon wish lists.

How much will it cost to subscribe to Send It LLC?

• $10 per month subscription for clients/subscribers.

• Website will have free access to gifters/donors.

How does Send It LLC work?

• Send It LLC is a website platform that markets and advocates for your SNAs Amazon wish list to receive gifts/donations.

• Send It LLC provides marketing for your SNAs wish list and a hub for meaningful connections.

• Send It LLC allows anyone to gift/donate to your personalized SNA's Amazon wish list posted on Send It LLCs website.

• Become a DONOR by selecting an item on a SNAs Amazon wish list and just Send It! Or donate to Send It LLC and we will choose a clients wish list to donate too!

• Become a CLIENT by subscribing and uploading you SNAs Amazon wish list to begin receiving gifts/donations.

How will Send It LLC benefit my SNA?

• Creates a general sense of normalcy through receiving mail.

• Creates wholesome connections.

• Provides enrichment.

• A positive, fun and exciting behavioral activity.

• Friendship and inclusion.

What if my SNA doesn't receive a gift?

• Send It LLC will provide, monthly goodies including a welcome letter,various cards for appropriate occasions such as birthdays , congratulations and get wells (with provided necessary information)

  • • Exclusive Facebook group services will also be provided, if opted for, as a back up just incase your SNA does not receive a gift. This group is ONLY available for clients to create connections with other Special Needs clients.

• Send It LLC unfortunately does not guarantee your SNA will receive a gift from a gifter/donor. This company is solely based on donations.

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